Here's A Story: How Christopher Knight Went From Brady Bunch To Viral Furniture Giant (2023)

Most fans recognize Christopher Knight from his role as Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch. The legendary show aired from 1969 and 1974, making Christopher an instant child star. Since his days on the show, he has become a real entrepreneur that has successfully made a name for himself in a variety of different industries. His most recent venture has been a wildly successful furniture company that is truly fit for royalty. In fact Easy Reader News reports that it was the furniture that was used during Oprah Winfrey's interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Becoming A Business Man

Very few people can successfully transition from the world of entertainment to a business venture that is completely unrelated to their field. Most celebrities stay within the same genre when they diversify, such as social media influencers who enter the world of beauty and cosmetics. Knight, however, has completely veered away from acting and has managed to find great success.


Among the many businesses that Knight has launched since his Brady Bunch days, are a company in the computer industry, a 3-D company called Visual Software, and and a company called Kidwise Learningware, which is dedicated to creating interactive educational products for kids. He was also behind the launch of Eskape Labs, which is a highly successful TV tuner company.

Now, the focus is on Christopher Knight Home Furniture. This is a company that was formed alongside a friend of his that specializes in the furniture industry. His friend is the driving force behind the company, with the skills and knowledge about the furniture, while Knight lends his name and influence to the corporation, and has become the face of the organization.

As a trusted partner, Knight is leading the way for Christopher Knight Home Furniture to break into a very lucrative online furniture market, and demonstrating why his products are a cut above the rest.

According to Easy Reader News;"online furniture sales are estimated to reach $14 billion this year, or about 15 percent of all furniture sales."

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Making It Big

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The world of online furniture sales may sound like an unlikely adventure for Knight to pursue, but it's incredibly lucrative and has demonstrated huge potential for future growth.

At this time, Christopher Knight Home Furniture has maintained operations in regions such asVietnam, China and Malaysia. Easy Reader News has gone on to report that; "revenues have grown by 100 percent every year in the four years since they partnered with, an early leader in online furniture sales. "

Clearly, Knight has found a 'comfortable' income stream in his new line of work and his company is selling an impressive 40,000 - 60,000 units each month.

Adding to the online presence that his company has established for itself, is the growth in sales that results from other websites which are also marketing and selling Knight's furniture brand. Big box stores are now carrying his furniture line and making the furniture items more widely accessible. Consumers can find Knight's product line at Walmart, Target, and Newegg, for convenient, easy, online shopping.

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The Oprah Effect

Things really picked up for Knight when Oprah Winfrey opted to seat herself as well as her prestigious guests, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, on Knight's furniture.

All three of them were seated on chairs from his collection, drawing even more attention to the brand. Taking to social media, Newsday reports Knight as saying; "To our pleasant surprise our wicker and acacia Burchett Outdoor Club Chairs were used for the interview that aired March 7 on CBS, the 63-year-old Knight wrote on social media afterward. Currently, they are out of stock, although a trio of third-party sellers Monday on listed the chairs, normally about $550 a pair, for nearly twice that."

The Furniture

Now that consumers know that Knight's furniture is good enough for Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Oprah Winfrey to sit on, they can also be informed that the cost of the furniture items happens to be surprisingly, and refreshingly affordable.

Knight has clarified that he has nothing to do with the actual design of the furniture, and throws credit at the eight designers that have cultivated the design and durable structure of each item in the collection.

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Consumers can shop for patio furniture, bedroom furniture, and kitchen, office, and living room furniture items as well. Select signature items from the collection include the Roosevelt Signal Chair, the Distressed Grey/Multi Colored Cabinet and the Grand Cayman Hammock. After reaching a deal with Overstock, the company has grown exponentially, and the brand itself has achieved a highly rated reputation. The products in Knight's collection are said to be durable, affordable, and easily accessible, and has glowing reviews from the thousands of happy customers they have serviced.

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Sources: Easy Reader News, Newsday, Me TV


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