Easter Eggs (2023)

Easter Eggs are hidden secrets that can benefit the player or serve as minor detail.

List of Easter eggs

  • Bill Cipher Corridor: A small narrow path hidden behind a painting of a Robloxian holding a water gun. It contains a Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls) statue in the wall, a pedestal with a rotating black brick in front of it and smooth white walls. Near the rotating black brick a button will pop up to collect, and pressing it will create yellow sparkles and make a sound.
  • Elevator: Players must go to the vending machine and click the buttons to form a "C" shape. The vending machine will slide to the right and allow players in for 10 seconds. Inside is a button to slide the machine again and an elevator. They also must be quick in redeeming the code, or the vending machine won't move.
    • If the player previously pressed collect in the Bill Cipher Corridor and presses the smaller black button then selects the Green button, the back door of the elevator slides up and creates a small extension. After a while the wall will slide back down and trap any players inside.
    • If the player previously pressed collect in the Bill Cipher Corridor and presses the smaller black button then selects the red button, the elevator doors will shut and teleport them to a room with 1 button, 2 beams and a list of the first 3 Grand Masters. This is the same room you could get into with the removed 'Someone is playing Flee the Facility' event.
  • Gravity Falls Portal: The portal that is mentioned above is a reference to the portal under the 'Mystery Shack' in Gravity Falls.
  • Phantom Snowball: Sometimes the playing area will appear to have a snowball which is not moving and not dealing damage to any players that touch it.
  • Black Hole Box: The obby from the black hole can actually be seen from the Playing Area.
  • "The Die Shop" reference: A small white string of text can be found in the floor of the 'Town' gamemode. It reads 'Die Shop.' Outside the building over on a wall facing the void can be another string of text that reads: 'SenixGD was here.' These strings of text are a reference to SenixGD's community hub, 'The Die Store.'
  • Invisible Platform: This can only be made with the no gravity event. The players have get to the upper floor of the lobby and keep jumping until they stand on an invisible platform. This is actually the house you see when you open customize.
  • Customization House: This only can be seen with the no gravity event, like the previous Easter egg. They also must go to the middle the invisible platform first. Then they must click the Customize Bar and then jump, if the character was seen on the customize screen, move backward. If they exit the customize mode the character will fall down.

Removed Easter Eggs

  • The Pumpkingeist Teaser: If a player were to go into the elevator's red button room, they would see a small teaser for an upcoming boss for the game
  • Player's Gravestone: A gravestone with the player's name engraved on it can be found in the lobby. This is now removed, however.
  • Corruption Teaser: Inside of the vending machine next to the elevator there is a text that says The Corruption Seeps Closer Into Our Reality.


Easter Eggs (1)

The elevator

Easter Eggs (2)

The fake painting

Easter Eggs (3)

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The hidden corridor

Easter Eggs (4)

The correct code to the Vending Machine.

Easter Eggs (5)

The Vending Machine.

Easter Eggs (6)

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The Halloween boss teaser.

Easter Eggs (7)

The gravestone with the player's name.

Easter Eggs (8)

The Secret Room.

Easter Eggs (9)

The Black Hole

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Easter Eggs (10)

The list of the first grandmasters in the secret room

Easter Eggs (11)

New list of the first grandmasters in the secret room

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